“Who was that person that represented Nigeria at that UN Assembly?“

Great question! It is the associations of Buhari & Osibajo his “son” in Aso Rock.

When the Christian associations of Nigeria and the private jets owners associations, the General overseers are focusing on government largesse to purchase more private jets in the name of prosperity. “They” are focusing on how to capture the world.

Your daddy G.O’s and Bishops willingly has already sold their birth right and yours  for a pot of porridge.

The only remedy You have now is either you retrace your steps with the help of God or you deal with the consequences as it will be unfolding….

“In UN General voting against the speech made by the President of United States of America Donald Trump, recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, we saw our Nigerian representative voted against Trump declaration. Then we ask these questions.

1) Who was that person that represented Nigeria at that UN Assembly?

2) Which religion is he or she?

3) Whom did he or she consulted to know our general opinion before casting his or her vote?

4) Of which interest did he or she voted?

5) Why must we vote when Nigeria is attending IOC meetings too? Pls let the world know that this entity Nigeria does not belong to Muslims and that the vote casted at the UN general assembly does not represent the interest or wishes of every Nigerian in diaspora. If they wish to cast the vote in Nigeria first to get our stand they will find out that 89% of Nigerians want Jerusalem to be capital of Israel.

The stupid European union are hypocritical forging crisis everywhere and suicide bombing is growing day by day they could not do anything to stop them. Israel and Christianity are older than Islam so there is no way Palestinians should be claiming Jerusalem. Jesus and Christianity started from Jerusalem and Jesus left the world through Jerusalem. Anybody, Any Country or Individual who speaks or fight against Israel over Jerusalem will face wrath of God is biblical.

Therefore we urge Nigerian Government to start making arrangements on how to move our embassy from Tel aviv to Jerusalem with immediate effect so we can partake in God’s blessing. Pls share this as u read. As u do so heaven is recognising u and ur family in this coming 2018 IJN Amen.

As u share this Psalm 121vs 4. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep, shall be ur potion IJN Amen

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