The Lord Said Nigeria Will Not Break.

God has answered Nigerians prayers and stop the plague He said He would rescue the nation from the hands of silent destroyers.

1. The Lord said Nigeria would not break, but many politicians, Elites and the Religious leaders in Nigeria shall be cut off.

2. There is extreme bloodshed leaning towards the South, the slaughtering slated to begin from September 2018 Beware! However, it will not affect the remnants, and obedient poor people if they listen to God’s warning to stay away for any protest.

3. Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo more woe coming after him until he finally rests with regrets.

4. Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Yemi Osibajo, Remi Tinubu and their caucus will soon drink their own cup if, they refused to repent and Call back Osibajo from the deceptive camp they lured him to; Address all other injustices they allied blindly and greedily with Buhari/Osibajo government to be perpetrating on many citizens.

5. If Ex President Goodluck Jonathan, the one you alleged as master of ”corruption” is walking around freely and you’re giving him political assignments, why are you sinning against GOD by punishing the innocents?

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the ball is in your court play it with boldness and courage. Good morning.

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