Do You Really Love Your Neighbor?


The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ Matthew 22:39.

Do You Really Love Your Neighbor?

Let’s ask each other this question; For instance if You’re a Christian, and a Christian President is embezzling a nation’s money to build houses of god and buying private jets for your Christians leaders, yet your Christians leaders liaise with the “unbelievers” to use one of their Christian son of a General Overseer as a collateral should In case, to unseat a spiritual son of Bishop’s, Prophets and General Overseers. What would you do?

1. Is that a fear of God?

2. For a Christian leader to be collecting stolen items and money from their spiritual sons, does that culminate in fear of God?

3. What do you think you could have done in this type of scenario?

4. What do you think may stop you from doing it?


“The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ Matthew 22:39.

If anyone has found the way and derive his or her brothers and sisters from seeing such way, then such person has become a murderer. And the love of God is not in that type of person.

I love the courage of many traditional/idol worshipers, Muslims, Buddhist, or Atheist they sincerely stick their ground not to deviate from their parent’s way’s of life, “this is the way I was brought up I will stick to it” till I die.

Is that a curse or a valid excuse? The individual must figure that out by themselves.

• However, I wonder why many of them can’t or don’t want to stick to their parent’s way of poverty life they’re facing in their respective countries, instead of blaming other countries for not helping or accommodating them.

• I also wonder why they love imitating and introducing the lifestyle and tolerance of Christ to their ways of living but don’t want to accept Christ Himself. Is that not HYPOCRISY? Maybe, I am not sure, but it may be living in denial.

I almost miss this great invitation too; When I was claiming that I will die in the way and religion/tradition of my father, BISHOP, and Overseer. I was missing the opportunity of God’s kingdom invitation. His mercy located me.


For example, the Western countries gave many people privileges to live in freedom and entitlement to many things of this world without necessarily being corrupt or resolve into stealing.

All most every nationality are rushing to grab the golden opportunity without a second thought of sticking to “our parent’s way of life.”

Then why should any sensible person reject the continuous way of life’s invitation they’re proclaiming to us because of worthless excuses of?

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. John 14:6.

Even the Saudi Arabia Women understand what is bondage for not being able to drive a car.

Thank God for the ones that we’re calling unbelievers that has the bloodline of Christ that are setting the so-called believers Free from religious bondage.

I challenge every individual that still have the conscience to let us honor Christ invitation today so that we can be set free and in return set many others people free in Jesus name.

Make a decision now; tomorrow may be too late.


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