Transitioning Into Total Freedom.

Be Patience Until You Get To The Promise Land.

Transit is not equivalent to the final destination.

”Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees; so they camped there by the waters.” Exodus 15:27 NKJV.

Twelve wells and Seventy palm trees that would be enough for someone that doesn’t have a specific destination.

I remember when we traveled to Jerusalem and we stopped over in England, we went to few places, it seems that we should continue the fun in England but that wasn’t our final destination.

Because an assignment is waiting for us in Israel, therefore we’re free but not entirely free in England.

Am I Free Now? Yes!

However You might still need to pass through few necessary things, process or procedure in other to get to your final destination. Though You’re free in transit too, it cannot be compared to that of final destination. Your Patience is essential at this junction of your journey to freedom destination.

The Good news about it is that God got you back if you trust in Him.

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