Hearing God’s Voice Clearly Is For Our Benefit

There is a great danger after someone has given his or her life to Christ without knowing the mind of Christ for him or her.

To the United States of America. You can be compassionate and not destroy your future generations. America The Lord said beware of giving any nation AMNESTY at this time … If you fall for it because you need votes, you will regret it instantly.


1. Freedom in Christ

2. Freedom in the United States of America

How Are these two freedom Similar?

Both paid the physical and spiritual price of taking the burden away from people’s lives respectively.

I pray that the Americans will not have any cause to know the similarity between both freedoms if they don’t have them in Jesus name.

You may take what you have for granted now, but if you try to sit where many foreigners are sitting, and you step into their shoes to walk through what they are passing through, you will surely have a clue of what is called helplessness situation.

It’s a joyful thing for someone to be traveling around the world on mission trips/vacationing and giving aid to wretched countries and the poor.

What if the world is thronging to your nation to hand you over aids before you can survive; Maybe you will honestly know how God has blessed your country?

God’s Own Country

Did God truly inspire the AMERICANS to be helping developing nations? If yes, stick to the agreement either you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Liberal. Whenever any country begins to shift away from their covenant with God to honor the poor people, God will also activate the process of turning His resources towards another country that are willing to stand in the gap for Him.


The United States of America said, if immigrants lived in their country faithfully for 3 or 5 years depending on the individual status, their constitution says such person deserves an opportunity to file for Naturalization if the person desires to.

Criteria To become a U.S. citizen.

1. Have had a Permanent Resident Card for at least five years, or three years if you’re filing as the spouse of a U.S. citizen.

2. Meet certain eligibility requirements. …

If any immigrant that takes this advantage is found worthy, he or she will be given citizenship status. In other words, such a person will now become a joint heir with other Americans regardless of color.

This is wonderful and simple that you will think everyone will understand it. Right?

But far be it, because many people including many of the ones that gave the promise don’t.

Many of the people that are enjoying this privilege also don’t understand the motive or motives behind this kind of acts that emanate from the heart of compassion and kindness.


• Some of the benefactors are saying ”their motive is to keep on enslaving.” Does that make any sense, you struggled to file and paid to become a “slave”? Would it not be better if you stay at your father’s palace?

• Some of the ones that are giving the benefits also are saying ”the people want to overthrow our nation, that’s why they’re eager to live and become a citizen in our nation” When you have that information at your disposal why did you issue them the citizenship status?

Both of these schools of thought make no sense.

These schools of thought will aggravate any human being with practical philosophy whenever they hear it, and they will want to do anything drastically to stop this insinuation.

You Can’t Say You Don’t Know What Is Causing The Trouble And Hatred.

Well, if indeed you don’t know, the above is some of the reasons why some people are insisting that such an act of kindness will never be allowed in their nation anymore. At least in their lifetime, they said.

It’s their right, and they are free to exercise it as it pleases them.

You may be more religious than Jews; You Cannot Replace Their Torah If You Truly Want Peace.

It’s a shame for someone caught with a criminal act to be protesting. Mercy is what you need.

woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?” She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.” John‬ ‭8:10-11‬ ‭NKJV.‬‬

Because someone said you look good does not necessarily mean that you do, that is called FLATTERING. That is one of the tools of motivational speakers, to sell you their products. Don’t let it surprise you that the ones that are supporting you in protesting are the same groups of people that will be charging you “an arm and a leg” to get off the hook of the trap they set for you.

Facing reality, Any Protester That Are Encouraging Criminal Acts Are All After Their Wallets.

Can any of the protesters give a stranger that breaks into their apartment a permanent room to be staying and serve him or her a breakfast?

If you say yes, then why are all the killings of peoples in your country that are just walking their dog on the streets is happening?

  • It is understandable for someone stricken with poverty to think that others want to take advantage of them when they decide to do something extraordinary to help them.
  • It is quite understandable also if it is coming from the mind of unbelievers.
  • However, if this is coming from or encouraged by the majority that is calling themselves CHRISTIANS that is a bad sign and an evil seed that they may be sowing for their future generation.

Don’t toy or manipulate any legal immigrants documents because of hatred; You may incur God’s Wrath.

Doing the right thing is Commendable, However, Don’t treat any illegal immigrants as trash; they deserve your compassion even though you want to send them back to their respective countries, send them back safely.

  • Nigerians and Nigeria government have done a similar thing to the Ghanaians before, and many Nigerians are still paying the price of the insensitivity of our government’s action till today. Not only in the hands of many Ghanaians but also in the hands of the Almighty God.


In Conclusion, Many legal immigrants may not be afraid of sending them back to their country as you deem fit. However What you urgently need to put into consideration is, what if God gets angry because of our actions?

Remain Blessed in Jesus name

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