Nigeria Christians Wake Up From Slumber

How Pastor Adeboye and Many Other Men Of God Are Destroying And Enslaving Many Of Their ”Righteous” Members In The Foreign Land.

Christian Association Of Nigeria Help!!!

Sometimes ago, A Pastor of RCCG that was using illegal document Came to me and said, ”A group of Pastors have decided to go and give a certain amount of special offering to Pastor Adeboye in other for them to have favor from immigration. But my spirit is not at peace.”

• I asked, did pastor Adeboye knew that all of you are using illegal documents? ”Yes”.

• I asked again, has any of you make an amendment to all your lies and fraud in your illegal documents? Answer ”No!”

• And I said if you follow that group of pastors to go and give Pastor Adeboye that unrighteous money, what you’re doing is feeding Pastor Adeboye to destroy your destiny.

I finally asked, can you risk deportation for you to have peace of mind? Answer ”Yes.”

Then Follow This Holy Ghost Prescriptions.

1. Courageously and Boldly exempt yourself from other pastors ignorance and Stop that unrigtheous money going to Pastor Adeboye.

2. Demand your money back from that lawyer you contracted that want to mortgage your destiny and future generation.

3. Go to the immigration office and collect another form for your status, let us risk filling your right information on it.

If God has mercy upon us and hears our prayers, they will approve your case. If not, see you in Nigeria in exponential BREAKTHROUGH.

Praise God! God’s Mercy Prevailed.

What if it turns out the other way round?

We will still Accept God As Who He said He Is.

Because we have prayerfully made up our mind together to accept whatever verdict God find suitable.

Are You Ready To Break Away From Bishops And Overseers Bondage?

Imbibe-The Fear Of God Mentality.

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