If You Are A Believer In Christ You Are Absolutely Saved From The Law

Jesus Will Never Saved Anyone From Eternal Damnation To Recommend Him Or Her To Subscribe To Bishops Manipulation Again. It Is Impossible!

What Do You Expect The Bishops To Do With The Money They’re Collecting From You Manipulatively And Fraudulently?

For instance, The more there Are ”Born Again Christian” In Nigeria So, Also Corruption, Hardship And Poverty Are Increasing.

Have You Ever Ask The Holy Spirit Why? The answer may be no.

But In reality, It Is Because of The Money That Thousands of People Supposed To Be Helping Each Other With Is Now Going To The Wallet Of Daddy G.O’s and Bishops In The Name Of Tithes, First Fruits, ”Prophets Offerings” Or ”Miracle Seed.”

In Adition to these, They’re still taxing their members to death and aligning with Politicians to destroy their nation for the project that will not benefit the poor.

Many Of These Bishops Are Traveling To Foreign Countries For Medical Check Up, But Most of their followers are Sowing their Children School Fees into a Faith Clinic in other to Receive Divine healing.

Brethren, Divine Healing, Is Real! And It Is Free.

Some Of The Reasons Why Many Of The Bishops Are No More Spending With the fear of God and Their Senses And many of them Continually Asking The poor people to Be Shouldering The Cost Of Their Covetousness is That many Christ Followers had lost the mind of Christ In Them.

Are Your Bishops And General Overseer Destroying Your Lives?

You Might need a second opinion from the Holy Ghost before they turn your next generations into a complete fraudster.

I pray that Our Lord Jesus Christ Will Open Your Mind of Understanding. Amen!

For Inquiries, Contact: healinghourministry@gmail.com,

Visit Our contact us page @ http://www.healinghourevangelicalmission.org. or Telephone:

USA: 1 706-223-0799.

Nigeria: 234-806-754-2960, 234-812-833-1494, 234-802-832-5447.

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