God Is The One That Empowers Not Men

The anointing upon David gave him the empowerment that ordinary eyesight could not see and it wasn’t from King Saul.

David was aware of that, but the people that surrounded him including King Saul were still looking at him as an errands boy.

“I cannot go with these, for I have not tested them.” And David took them off.” 1 Samuel‬ ‭17:34-39‬.

If It Is God That Send, You Cannot Go In Their Armor.

When the Lord enlisted me into His kingdom, the one that God used told me clearly that we don’t do this in our fold, but God said He has a special assignment for you.

When I want to be coasting along and went to join the living faith church (winners chapel) Ota. The Lord said he didn’t send me there except if I am ready to go to hellfire.

After some years when I met Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye the Lord said, ”get out of that office” I did not send you there.

Then I Asked, where do you want me to Go Lord? And the Lord answered “I have called you for a particular assignment I didn’t ask you to join them. I got it LORD.


Immediately I yielded to be doing what God has called me to do. Many people were laughing at me because none of them knew where I was coming from and have no clue of how God rescued me.

However, God is making ways for me daily to continue on my assignment.

Are you still waiting for a man or Pastor to give you a franchise parish before you will go for God? Then you might be gradually wasting away in their gathering. Because once ”God has spoken once..” you must pay more attention to what He has spoken. I learned from my own experience with God that you don’t have to stay under any Eli for special anointing to do the will of God. You have been ordained already for that assignment before you were born.

How? Where? When? That is God’s business and not yours. However, if for any reason God needed someone to remind or anoint you for the next level of your assignment, He still have many “Samuel” that are again listening to His voice and not gifts or appearance of the people.

Has God sent you on an errand? Then step out and stop wasting away while you’re uncomfortably waiting for Eli to send you. It will not happen!

You cannot keep praying and crying in every convention and minister’s conferences for God to send you for the past Ten years, knowing that the environment you hides yourself is comfortable for you. That is a cry of deception. Wipe away your tears and go for GOD.

Good morning.

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